A Winter’s Tale is a 7th Sea campaign set in Avalon. The campaign’s aim is to grow the fortunes of the NPC character, Lady Honor Worthington, and thereby grow the reputations and fortunes of the PC’s. The actions of the players reflect upon their patron – for good or bad, as do her actions upon them. In Avalon, with its many factions and rivalries at court, it is not so much about doing what is right or wrong, as it is about serving those who have the most power to influence the status of Lady Honor (and the players). But the higher the PC’s rise, the more they expose themseleves and their patron as rivals in the game of power in Avalon.

And then there’s the Sidhe. Never, ever, forget the Sidhe…

The campaign begins in 1668, ten years after the coronation of Queen Elaine.

Starting money – 100 gilders. For an online equipment list Equipment List

Player Introduction

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Introduction Adventure: Winter Festival

A Winter's Tale

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