Trouer "Troy" D'espion

An exile from Montaigne with a chequered past.



Brawn 2
Finesse 2
Wits 2
Resolve 3
Panache 3


  • Reckless!


Night trained
Lose only 1 kept die (instead of 2) in dim light.
Lose only 2 kept die (instead of 4) in total darkness.
Montaigne: native.
Avalon: with a charming accent.
Troy’s family were Montaigne nobles.
In remembrance of past loyalties, Honor Worthington provides Troy with 10 gilders per month to keep body and soul together.

Porte sorcery


Blooding 3 Use 10 actions to mark an object with Resolve+Blooding using a TN of 20. Each +5 on the TN gives you a +5 on later rolls to open portals to that object.
You may have up to 3 objects blooded at one time. You can drop an object from this list at any time. Also, a person may wash off the blood.
Pocket 3 Use an action to put an object into or bring an object out of a hidden “pocket” in the air. This pocket may hold any non-living objects which hold their shape (no liquids without containers) massing up to 30 pounds.
There is a small chance that the objects may disappear. Also, if you exceed the weight limit, all objects are lost.
Bring 1 Use 1 action to open a doorway and a second action to reach in and bring a blooded object to you. Roll Resolve+Bring with a TN of 20.
You can Bring an item that is in a locked box with no sign of entry. If you Bring an item that is underwater, it shows up wet but you don’t feel water and no water rushes through.



Dancing 1
Etiquette 1
Fashion 1
Oratory 1


Shadow 1  
Stealth 2 with 1 from Urchin


Stealth 2 with 1 from Spy
Street navigation 1
Survival 1
Pickpocket 1


Climb 1
Footwork 3
Sprint 1
Throw 1


At court

  • Fashionable court clothes: 10 gp
  • Fine boots: 5 gp
  • Fine cloak: 3 gp
  • Gentleman’s coat: 5 gp
  • Fashionable leather gloves (3 pairs): 1 gp
  • Tricorn hat: 1 gp
  • Wide brimmed hat: 1 gp
  • Fancy jacket: 3 gp
  • Lovely masks (x 3): 1 gp
  • Fine vests (x 2): 1 gp
  • Fine wigs (x 2): 5 gp
  • Fancy shoes: 2 gp
  • Fine money belts (x 2): 1 gp

Total for courtly clothes: 39 gp

Every day

  • Plain suit: 1 gp
  • Plain boots: 2 gp
  • Plain cloak: 1 gp
  • Plain coat: 1 gp
  • Ordinary leather gloves (5 pairs): 1 gp
  • Tricorn hat: 1 gp
  • Wide brimmed hat: 1 gp
  • Plain jacket: 1 gp
  • Plain money belts (x 2): 1 gp
  • Plain shoes (x 2): 1 gp
  • Snow shoes: 2 gp
  • Plain vests (x 2): 1 gp
  • Plain wigs (x 2): 2 gp

Total for every day wear: 16 gp

Other items of interest

  • Excellent knife: 20 gp
  • Fine sheath: 5 gp
  • Fine silver bowl: 10 gp

Total of other interesting items: 35 gp

Regular expenditure

  • Good lodgings: 5 gp per month.

The D’espion family

Trouer D’espion grew up in a loving family, steeped in the ancient noble arts of espionage. His mother and father, raised close to the court, feared ennui and craved excitement in equal measure. This may be what enticed them to ally themselves to the Worthington family, bringing valuable information to them from all over Theah.

As a young boy, Trouer loved nothing more than sneaking around some provincial court, shadowing an aging courtier and generally helping his parents as they went about their business. Sometimes, he even was allowed to help with the blood sorcery that they practiced, even though it was a little frightening for him.

Orphaned (1 point)

Unfortunately, this idyllic life could not continue forever. On one of their frequent visits to Montaigne, the D’espion family were betrayed by rivals at court. Unconscionable charges were made against them—that they had betrayed Montaigne and that they had betrayed l’Empereur.

As his parents were led off to execution, a prison guard grabbed young Trouer by the neck to throttle him. Trouer clawed at the air and, as his vision turned black, somehow managed to rip a hole in reality. His murderer, caught off-guard, was lost in the darkness.

Later, young Trouer awoke, head pounding, body aching, to find himself away free and alive, some distance away from his adversaries.

Exiled (1 point)

Life was hard. He had to escape Montaigne and could count on no man as his friend.

He spent a great deal of time traveling through the woods and wild lands, moving always towards the coast. He hid, he ran, he slept in caves and trees. He learned to take down a squirrel with a well-aimed rock and to steal a chicken from a hen-house.

Most of all, he learned to hate the outdoors with a passion. He longed for his old life and memories of it were what kept him going.

Hiding his true identity (1 point)

Finally, after many trials and adventures, he made his way to Avalon. He knew that his family had worked for the Worthington family, a powerful noble family in this land.

It is not, however, an easy thing to find a noble family in a country where you do not know the customs or even the language. Troy (as these people kept calling him) spent a great deal of time on the streets and alley ways of Luthon. There he learned that the stealth his family taught him was not wasted. He learned to survive, to find his way and to occasionally pick a pocket or two. By day he learned the language and customs of Avalon. By night he dreamed of the glory and splendor of Montaigne.

After many adventures, he made his way in the world. In his quest to win a place in the Worthington household, he left behind the streets of Luthon and learned the courtly ways of Caerleon.

Once there, it was no great task to throw himself in the way of Honor Worthington. The right set of clothes gave him entry to the right feast. The right steps in a dance gave him a chance to speak to Lady Worthington. One impassioned speech later and it was done! He had gained a place in a great household. He had a role that could lead to a better life. He was back!

The future

While no great courtier yet, he seeks to further his education in this sphere. His native Montaigne upbringing draws him to court as a moth to a flame. Grand balls, garden parties, gossip and scandal—these things are life blood to him. They help him to block out the ignominy of his past adventures, and cement his future in the household of Lady Worthington.

He knows that his fortune rests in the good graces of Lady Worthington and he seeks be a credit to her at all times.

In his heart, Troy knows that, while his family did technically spy for a foreign power, they were at all times fervent supporters of the court of l’Empereur. They would never have betrayed Montaigne. Never! While he knows now that it is impossible, he would dearly love to return one day and make good his name, reclaiming his rightful place in the court of l’Empereur.

Trouer "Troy" D'espion

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