Brawn       2  
Finesse     2 
Wits         3 
Resolve     2  
Panache    3  
Appearance (intimidating): +3 unkept dice to any social action.
Sidhe Blood (Child of Sky): Once per act you can use a Glamor knack without using a DD.
Sophia's Daughter membership: You have the ability to contact the Oracle through a scrying bowl,
mirror, or pool. You may ask one question per story. You know three secure locations to hide
out. You know a single portal to Bryn Bresail. You have a 1 point Connection advantage with
another Daughter. This connection may be strengthened by spending more HP. You have practical
knowledge of the Book of Mysteries.
Sorcerous Heritage: Glamor
Brawn: The Horned King (Sidhe) 1
Panache: Thomas 3
Wits: Jack 3
Knacks (Courtier and Bard)
Dancing 1
Fashion 1
Etiquette 2
History 1
Singing 1
Oratory 2

During a wander of the remote patches of her garden many years ago Lady Honor heard the distant gurglings of a baby and following the sound found a naked and very beautiful baby nestled in a patch of lobelias. A gift of the Sidhe is not to be taken flippantly and so Lady Honor wrapped the child in her velvet cloak and adopted her into her household.


Lobelia, as the baby was called, was placed into the care of Elizabeth Fowthorpe one of Lady Honor’s handmaidens to be trained as a courtier. Elizabeth is an active member of Sophia’s Daughters and so quietly raised her adoptive daughter to also serve in the order. To no one’s surprise she began showing signed of her Sidhe blood early on in her life. Her talents were encouraged by Elizabeth.

Each year Lady Honor summoned Lobelia to present her with a small gift to mark Christmas. Lobelia treasured these gifts. She feels loyal to both Lady Honor and Elizabeth (and by extension Sophia’s Daughters) but can’t help but wonder who her real parents were and why she was left at the bottom of Her Ladyship’s garden.


A beautiful baby, Lobelia, has grown into a stunning woman. She remains however a little innocent, not fully aware of the potential of her beauty and magics. She is keen to prove her worth to Lady Honor by improving her social standing within the society and the first step to achieving this is to obtain one of the coveted tickets to the winter ball.


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