Honor Worthington (Lady)

A former lady-in-waiting to Iron Margaret, Queen of Avalon (deceased). Now the patron of the players.


A mature woman, in her early thirties, Lady Honor is a little over medium height for a mortal woman. She is good looking, but not beautiful. She has a very proud bearing, that some would find cold or arrogant. She has grey eyes and black hair and is vain of her appearance. In the privacy of her home, she usually wears sombre colours and simple fashions, but in public she only wears the most brilliant examples of the latest fashions (often sewn for her by seamstresses from Montaigne).


Lady Honor Worthington was accepted into the noble circle of the Queen’s Ladies on her fifteenth birthday. She was selected as a daughter of a family with impeccable noble lineage, if not great estate, partially due to her families unswavering loyalty to the Vatacine Church. This had led to persecution of her Grandfather and father under the rule of King Richard IV and the loss of most of the family fortune. Her selection as one of the Queen’s ladies restablished some of the families prestige, and was looking to assist in the recovery of their wealth. Then Queen Margaret died and Queen Elaine took the throne. Though Elaine has made it clear that no subject of Avalon will be prevented from the free practice of their chosen religion, Lady Worthington was not retained as one of the Queen’s Ladies. Though this is not at all unusual as a now mature woman, with a small fortune and quite eligible for marriage, some in the court have indicated it was because of the Worthington’s strong Vatacine connections and Queen Elaine’s distrust and dislike of Honor.

You have quickly learned, however, that Lady Honor is well named. To support the recovery of her family’s estate, she was grateful to be chosen by Queen Margaret from among many suitable girls of much more powerful family, and considered it her duty to support her Queen loyally. She was given a choice of staying as a senior Queen’s Lady to Elaine, or accepting a dowery which would make her independent of her family, to a degree. She chose independence. She has no intention of supporting any Vatacine radicalism (or Objectionist or Traditionalist). She wishes to re-establish the Worthington name at court, to have it mentioned with warm enthusiasm, regard,even envy, rather than the current situation of distant courtesy and cold suspicion. To this end, she is trying to surround herself with those she feels have the potential to bloom with brilliance, to gild the Worthington name with their deeds and successes, and who will serve her by protecting that name from scandal.

Honor Worthington (Lady)

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