Alessandra Ilaria Malvolente

Alessandra is a petite and attractive young woman, her eyes are particularly striking as they are a violet colour and make her look interesting and exotic.

Brawn      1  
Finesse     3 
Wits          3 
Resolve     2  
Panache    2  
Appearance: superior +1k1 to any social action
Keen Senses: +1k0 seeing roll; +1k0 hearing roll
Left-Handed: +1k0 to attack roll
Sorcerous Heritage
Arcana: 2
Coins: 1
Cups: 1
Staves: 1
Swords: 1
Dance                   2
Etiquette               2
Fashion                 2

Attack (Firearms)       2

Attack (Knife)          2
Parry (Knife)           2

Ride                    2

Poison                  1
Shadowing               2
Stealth                 3

Alessandra life did not have a propitious beginning, as she was born a girl in Vodacce and as she gasped her first breath, her mother gasped her last. Her family, which consisted of a very strict father and two brothers; Arturo and Antonio, were well to do with a modest family estate. Her father wasn’t too pleased with being left with a daughter to raise. Alessandra was ignored by him right up until she began to show promise as a witch. Alessandra grew up alone, her only companion being her brothers, getting on well with Antonio (the second son) until he was sent away to study at a seminary. Their father had intentions that he become a priest and make connections in the church. Antonio had different ideas, but that is another story. Alessandra was educated in the usual womanly arts of sewing, dancing, etiquette and she was also being educated in witchcraft At 18 years of age, Alessandra’s father died after a short illness, leaving her under the protection of her eldest brother Arturo. This protection did not last long as soon thereafter Arturo died in a “hunting accident”. Antonio had returned to Roma after their father’s funeral and did not make it back to the estates for Arturo’s burial. Jacopo, a cousin stepped in after Arturo’s death to claim the estate. This cousin had the backing of some very powerful people both within the court and the church. It seems Antonio had not been forging strong bonds with the rich and powerful while he was away and the authorities upheld Jacopo’s claims. Alessandra’s father’s valet, a small man called Ernesto, came to Alessandra soon after speaking of a threat to her life. He had sworn to her father to protect his children and was maudlin about his lack of success so far. Ernesto helped spirit her away south to Roma and the safety of her brother and the church. To her surprise she discovered that Antonio had left the seminary several years earlier but had failed to mention this to his family. The protection of the church was now out of reach. However, Antonio had made some contacts amongst court and appealed to someone at the Avalon embassy. Within a week they were on a boat to a life in exile. Alessandra and Antonio were offered sanctuary by the Lady Honor Worthington with whom they are now living in Avalon. Alessandra is grateful and feels under a great obligation to the Lady for taking her in; being the only powerful female figure in her life, Alessandra looks up to Lady Worthington and has taken her on as something of a role model. Alessandra is young and naïve relatively speaking, having not been out much in the world. She has been taught the basic lessons of Vodacce society, which makes her a player, but with little experience. Alessandra knows how to fire a pistol and use a knife –her brother taught her how to do those things and she feels she would be able to fight off an attack, but once again has never been tried. She likes to dance and dress up, doesn’t every young woman? She is also very curious; a trait which has gotten her in to trouble on many an occasion, but it has also helped her out of trouble. Generally, she isn’t unintelligent but she isn’t wise either and will do a thing even if she knows it could all end badly. She is a risk taker. One weakness she does have is a fear of spiders; which made her a bit of a joke in Vodacce, as everyone kept them as pets. She cannot be in the same room as one, or look at one, or the fates forbid touch one! Her fear is irrational; there is no basis for it that she can recall. She has never been bitten by one nor had any sort of traumatic event even related with spiders. She is just mortally afraid of them.

Alessandra Ilaria Malvolente

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